Front & back panel sound outlets


Michael Chare

My new 'home made' PC uses an Asus motherboard. This has multiple sound
sockets on the back panel and a 10 pin Intel socket for connecting to front
panel microphone and headphone sockets.

The rear panel socket always worked. But I got no sound from the front
panel socket. At first I though this was a connection problem so I
carefully checked all the wiring.

However It now looks like a driver issue.

With the standard Vista drivers if I click on 'sound' in the control panel I
see three items

SPDIF Interface

Speakers are set as the default and equate to the back panel socket, by
changing the default to headphones I can get sound from the front panel

Is there a way to have both working at the same time using the Vista

Also, when I disabled the SPDIF Interface it disappeared. Is there a way
to re-instate it

I downloaded the latest SoundMax drivers from the Asus Web site.
With these, if I click on 'sound' in the control panel I only see

SPDIF Interface

Speakers is again set as the default, but this time the good news is that I
get sound from both front and back panel sockets.
The bad news is that the left and right channels are the wrong way round on
the front panel socket and there is no button to reverse the settings!

So using there SoundMax drivers, is there a way that I can add 'Headphones'
to the 'Sound' setting panel, and is there a way that I can reverse the
front panel left and right channels?




I also have an Asus are a couple suggestions

1. My case had all the front pins separated and they plugged into the nifty
Asus adapter. This would allow you to reverse just the headphone pin; that
might also reverse the channels...not sure

2. My guess is that the Headphones option goes away under Soundmax because
there really isn't any need for it since both are always on.

3. If none of the above works...turn your headphones around :)

4. If you really want to go back to where you were...there should be a
restore point set by Windows before you installed your Soundmax drivers.

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