From field becomes blank on some messages in Inbox



I have an Outlook 2003 user (his profile uses Exchange Server service) who
says the "from" field has become blank on a few of the messages located in
his server inbox. The messages reside on our Exch2K3SP1 server in his

When the messages in question are opened, the From field still shows the
sender, but when the message is closed, the display of the Inbox contents
default view shows a blank from field on these messages. He swears that when
these messages were first received the From field displayed the sender, but
now it is blank.

I've connected to his mailbox using OWA, and the same messages still show a
blank sender field.

I have never seen this before, does anyone have any ideas or have you seen
this? The user is worried about corruption of his messages.

May 4, 2016
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I have also noticed the same issue in Outlook 2007/OWA, where mailbox hosted in Exhange 2010 SP3. For those messages, message header is also blank. Please, can somebody help

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