Frequent Internet Probelms after AntiSpyware


A. Reb

After installing MSN AS, my web connectivity has
plummeted. Pages take forever to load, and sometimes just
default to a page not found page. I usually use detect
network settings to see if that helps. If using NS7.0, i
see the status bar displaying "resolving host www.xxxx..."

I'm fed up with this--it's ruined any advantage of DSL! I
uninstalled it but want to know if there are any settings
I should modify 'back' now that MSN AS is gone.




Your experience is not the norm. I would reinstall with antivirus and
antispyware programs you already have loaded on temporary standby and see
what happens.

If you prefer to remain uninstalled then you should be fine - however, when
MSAS removes spyware from your machine that has tied itself into your
networking, you can wind up with little or no access to the internet until
you run an LSP fix tool - search on LSPFIX and run that to fix your


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