frequency function in excel



If you have a column of numbers, and you want to create a frequency chart (or
table) using "bins", how do you get Excel to display the bin frequency?

For example: If I have data in A1:A500 (random numbers from 1 to 100), and I
put a list of bins in B1:B5 (0, 10, 25, 50, 75), and then I use cell
C1=frequency(A1:A500;B1:B5), all I get is the first number in the array. How
do I get the frequency count to display in cells C1:C5 ???

Paul Corrado

FREQUENCY is an array formula

Try the following

Select a blank range that has the same number of rows as there are bins.

Enter the formula =FREQUENCY(a1:a500,b1:b5)


This should work

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