Combine FREQUENCY and SUM of Associated Values



I have two columns of data:
Col A1:A200 are Distances (not all cells have values in them)
Col B1:B200 are Values associated with each Distance, but some Values are
positive and some are Negative
I have been successful in calculating the Frequency of the various values
within each Distance Bin (col C1:C10)
I need two more columns contiguous to the Distance Bin showing:
Sum of positive values for each frequency in the Bin
Sum of Negative Values for each frequency in the Bin

I tried:
for the positive Column, but get #NA

I would greatly appreciate any help and assistance.



Sumproduct is much easier:

For positive values:

Enter this formula in D2:


Copy across to E2 then edit the formula in C2 and change: --($B$1:$B$200>0)
to --($B$1:$B$200<0)

Then select both D2 and E2 and copy down to row 10.



Feedback is always welcome!

There was a typo but it sounds like you figured it out:

Should read:

Copy across to E2 then edit the formula in E2 and change.........


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