french canadian keyboard


Diana Cormier


After installing win 2000 with french canadian keyboard &
using sysprep & ghosting the image. After sysprep has
executed the keyboard is french canadian but the layout is
multiligual. This means that on each computer we have to
set the keyboard to multilingual & back to french canadian
to make it work correctly

Can anyone help




Kevin Anderson [MSFT]

Hi Diana,

The below steps describe how an administrator can obtain the French Language
as the Default language after Sysprep. To get this desired behavior the
steps below must be completed:

- Overriding the default behaviour of the Regional Options control panel

- Specify the correct and valid values in the [Regional Settings]
section of sysprep.inf


Overriding the default behaviour of the Regional Options control panel

By design the Regional Options control panel installs one specific Input
Locale per User Locale. The Input Locale installed with the "French
(Canada)" User Locale is "French (Canada) - Canadian Multilingual Standard".

To change this behavior, the file "intl.inf" needs to be modified to install
a different Input Locale for the appropriate User Locale. In this particular
case, we describe how a customer can have "French (Canada)" as the User
Locale and "French Canadian - French" as the default Input Locale:

Step 1:

Modify %windir%\inf\intl.inf

Find the line that begins with "00000c0c = %French_Canadian%" and replace
the entire line with:

00000c0c = %French_Canadian% ,850 ,1,,0c0c:00001009

This will set "French (Canada) - Canadian French" as the default Input
Locale when "French (Canada)" is installed as the User Locale.

Specifying correct values in the [Regional Settings] section of sysprep.inf

It's important to get these values correct.

Correct values for the UserLocale and SystemLocale settings are:

00001009 for "English (Canadian)"
00000c0c for "French (Canadian)"

Correct values for the InputLocale setting are any comma-delimited
combination of:

0c0c:00000409 "French (Canada) - US"
0c0c:00001009 "French (Canada) - Canadian French"
0c0c:00011009 "French (Canada) - Canadian Multilingual Standard"

Step 2:
Specify correct values in [RegionalSettings]

Use the following [RegionalSettings] section:


This will set "French (Canada)" as the System Locale and the User Locale. It
will also add "French (Canada) - US" as a second Input Locale. Note that
"French (Canada) - Canadian French" will be installed as the default Input
Locale once the User Locale is set to 00000c0c (provided step 1 above has
been followed).


Q284962 Sysprep Tool Resets Computer Back to Default Regional Settings

KevinAnd [MSFT] - "This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and
confers no rights."

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