Free Internet



Free Internet

Yes folks, Free Internet access is now available in many
countrys, some have had it since 1995, so remind your
Government to encourage Free ISP's to expand, if your
country or area does not have it yet.

Maybe you have heard of free-to-air (FTA) TV, thats just
when you switch on the TV and recieve free TV stations,
you as a consumer don't pay anything, its also called
Commerical TV, and indeed TV ads pay the TV stations
bills, you don't pay anything.

This is how Free Internet works, it is supported by the
online advertisers, you get ads while you surf, its basically
Commerical Internet.

Free Internet is distributed by;
-phone line, including ADSL2,
-coaxial and fibre optic cable,
-FTA (wi-fi free-to-air) just like terrestrial (transmitted from
a transmitter on the ground) radio and TV, also
-satellite (from a satellite in geostationary orbit in the sky)

What is ADSL2+ (DSLAM) ?
It is high speed broadband internet over copper pair
telephone lines. ADSL2+ is the next generation of
broadband with connection speeds up to 24Mbps
(24,000kbps). ADSL2+ will allow you to enjoy VoIP, music
downloads, graphic intensive online gaming and IPTV, as
well as new applications and services currently being
developed for super speed connections. It is available in
many countrys now, again remind your Government to up
grade telephone exchanges to ADSL2 capable standard.

There is a general lack of public interest in obtaining free
internet access world wide, since it comes with ads, like
commerical TV. But if your are poor and don't want to buy
internet access, its the way to go, but not all Governments
around the World are promoting or helping popularise it.


How to find a Free ISP ?

Just google "free internet" or "free ISP" etc....

"Free Internet access providers
Despite the flurry of stories in the media lately about the
supposed decline of freebies and free services on the
Web, we've found that Net users today in fact have a
broader range of freebies to choose from than ever
before. The one exception to this is the category of free
Internet access providers (ISP).

The number of free Web access providers has declined
sharply in recent years, as the industry has seen a number
of players consolidate or go out of business. However,
there are still a number of free ISPs in the U.S. (although
most providers no longer offer free, unlimited usage). And
free Net access providers continue to thrive in other
countries, particularly in Europe.

We don't recommend any of these services for use as
your primary Web connection, if you need solid, reliable
service. Still, the free services reviewed below are handy
for use as a backup service, if your primary provider
experiences downtime. They also provide a convenient
way for you to get online, if you're on the road."

"Free Internet Access Providers
Now you can get online for the cost of a local call, or less!
Many providers also offer web space, free email and other

The free internet access providers have been sorted
geographically to help you find the service provider
nearest you. If the country you live in is not on the list, it's
because I have not yet heard of any free Internet providers

There seems to be less interest in free internet access
than in years gone by, its just that the public don't like ads
while surfing, but will put up with them on Commerical TV
or Radio.

As with all things in life its:

Use it or lose it !

I would hate to think that Free Internet access is lost due to
a lack of public interest, shame...

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