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Why in a column do I get a (0) result from a formula in one cell in the
column and get a - for a result in the same column, different row with the
same formula for each, the format for the entire column is accounting. I
want all zero results in the column to be displayed as a dash (two results
are (0) in the column and two other results to the same forumla show as the
dash which is the correct format for accounting) -- Help !!!!



Harald Staff

The formula result is between 0.5 and -0.5. Formatting does not alter the
real value. Wrap ROUND around your formula:


HTH. Best wishes Harald


My first thought would be to try and reformat the errant cells, thinking
perhaps that the formatting had gotten corrupted somehow.
Left-click on a good cell, then Left-click on the Paintbrush in the upper
toolbar, then Left-click on a "bad" cell. This will copy the formatting
from the good cell to the bad cell.

Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3




Perhaps that first 0 is returned by the formula as "0", i.e. it is a
text value, and so formatting does not change it.

Alternatively, perhaps the first result is not exactly zero, but is a
very small number which is rounded to 0 by the formatting you have
applied. In this case you could put ROUND( ... ,2) around your
existing formula, assuming you are working to 2 decimal places.

Hope this helps.


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