Formulas not calculating in AutoCalc Mode


Ronald Dodge

I have a user who is using W2K Pro, SP4, and XLXP, SP2.

He has now at times ran into the issue of Excel no longer calculating

Automatic Mode (already in that mode)
F9 doesn't help (I never trusted this as this never worked on a reliability
basis right from the start)
Shift-F9 doesn't help (This normally works, but only for the active
worksheet. However, for his situation, this doesn't even work)
Go into Edit mode (this works for that individual cell, but only for that
particular time)
Alt-Ctrl-F9 (This works, but must be done each and every time he wants
things to be calculated, so it's as if it's really in manual calculation
mode even though it shows it's in Automatic Mode within the Calculation
Options Page.)

Rebooting the system doesn't help clear out the issue at hand. Even the
first time I saw this, I attempted to reboot the system, but it didn't help.
I did something else within Excel, though don't remember what it was
exactly, and it seemed to help it, but it's now done this again.

Nick Hodge


If this is a workbook created in an old version, try saving it out to HTML
and then back as *.xls, that may kick it back into life

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)

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