Formulas Mess Up on Insert Row



I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place but here goes.

I'm using Excel 2007. Excel is "supposed" to default to copying formulas
into inserted rows by default (assuming previous rows have the same formula).
I've also ensured the option to Extend data range formats and formulas is
checked in [Windows Symbol]->Excel Options->Advanced.

My formulas are not being copied to the inserted row and one formula in the
row below where a relative reference to the row above is not adjusted
correctly (i.e. a simple "=A5" for row 6 on insert remains "=A5" rather than
adjusting to "=A6").

So two different problems but both occurring when I try to insert a row.

Any idea why this isn't working properly?





I am not aware that Excel is supposed to put anything into an inserted row by
Format will match the row above the insert point.
The only place formulas get created automatically is inside Table (or a 2003

As for formulae not updating, I agree that if you insert a row above row 5,
a formula referencing A5 should now read A6 etc. (excluding functions like
Indirect, or VB modules)

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