Formula copying error



I've entered a vlookup formula and when I copy it to another cell, sometimes
it copies the formula correctly into the other cells and comes up with the
correct (and different) results but sometimes when I try to copy it, it just
copies the previous result--and ignores the vlookup formula altogether.

If i go to the cell and place the cursor in the "fx" field as if i was going
to correct the formula, but not make any changes, and press "enter" the
result gets corrected. This is a problem if i have a whole range of cells as
i don't want to go into each cell to fix it.



Dave Peterson

It sounds like you have excel in manual calculation mode.

Tools|Options|Calculation tab (in xl2003 menus)
and switch to automatic


Always post your formula ... & some sample data as well (it could be a data
issue, eg text numbers vs real numbers). Anyway, here's some guesses. Take
the ambiguity out of your steps. Try copy/pasting directly from/into the
formula bar. Always fix the table array in the vlookup with $ signs, eg:
$A$2:$E$100 - so that if/when you propagate the vlookup down the col, it'll
return the correct results. Any worth? hit the YES below.




What was posted comes in after you check out Dave's hunch. On closer looks it
does sound like a manual calc issue

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