formula between two workbooks



I have two open workbooks A and B

Both workbooks contain a range with a name representiing a group of sheets.
In workbook A there may be multiple sheets with the same name. In workbook
B, the name appears only once per sheet.

For example: workbook A might contain three sheets representing a group
called A1A and the cell B2 in all three would contain that name. Another
group of, say two sheets with the group A2A in each of the B2 cels, etc..

In workbook B, in the same cell, there would be one sheet for each group
and the group name in the same cell as Workbook A.

The formula would first look for cell matches between the two workbooks then
sum a value for the group (given in anothercell).

All cell refrences beetween the two workbooks are consistent except that the
source workbook (A) can contain multiple instances of the same number and the
summary workbook (B) only one.

All the formulas I've tried give a #VALUE error.

I hope this makes sense (?)


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