H. Kilbreath

I don't really no how to ask the question, so let me give you the example. I
am teaching a class to build a database to track employee training. In an old
2003 Access database, I would a form that will allow the user to enter
multiple people into a class on the same form. When you enter the form for
the first time, there is a line that you can select the employee that has
completed/enrolled in that training class. Once you select the employee from
a pull-down menu, you hit the tab button and another line appears to enter
another person.

My do you create this option in a form? I have looked at the
design view of the old database and it is not helpful. Can anyone help me?



Jeanette Cunningham

To get multiple lines on a form like you want, change the form from Single
Form to Continuous Form.
On the property dialog for the form, on the format tab, find the property
for Default View and change it to Continuous form.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

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