Formatting table of contents styles


Gordon Urquhart

I'm using TOC 8 and TOC 9 as the TOC styles for my appendices. I can format
TOC 8 and the page number for TOC 9 with no problems, but I haven't been able
to change the text for TOC 9 from TNR Bold to regularTNR. When I try to
modify the TOC 9 font, everything tells me the active font is regular TNR,
but each time the TOC generates the bold formatting returns. I've based my
TOC 9 on TOC 2, which appears without bold formatting. I've also tried using
two separate TOCs, but I keep getting the same results. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any help...



Lene Fredborg

Have you applied bold as direct formatting to the appendix headings in the
document? In that case, the TOC will reflect that - the TOC inherits such
direct formatting.

Lene Fredborg
DocTools - Denmark
Document automation - add-ins, macros and templates for Microsoft Word

Gordon Urquhart

Hi, Lene--

Thanks for writing back so quickly. No, no direct formatting--it's all
coming from the style. I'm more than welcome to any other ideas you may have.

Gordon Urquhart

Hi, Pam--

Thank you for weighing in. TOC 2 doesn't say anything about not bold. I've
tried basing TOC 9 on other styles, including no style, but the bolding
persists--on each line for a TOC ( entry, the page numbers to the right
appear just fine, but the Appendix A/B/C to the left are bold no matter what
I try. Other thoughts?



Stefan Blom

Are there any direct bold formatting in the level 9 headings in the
document? If so, that formatting would be reflected in the TOC.

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