formatting marks



I downloaded some text into Word from a site.

The text has a very narrow width and Ican't widen the margins.

If I show formatting marks then I see that the paragraph marks for these
imported paragraphs are not the usual ones but rather show a small circle
with 4 lines radiating out from the circle, like a sun with a line coming out
at the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right.

The left and right margins for this text are very narrow (mirroring the
narrow margins on the web page) and are different from margins for other text
in the document which are adjustable as normal and much wider. Each of the
left and right margin marks for the imported text has behind it a small
cross-hatched box. I cannot work with this odd set of format markings or
convert the paragraph into normal adjustable margins.

If I try to widen the margins then text disappears or the whole of the area
between the margin marks moves left or right. Nor can I find out from 'Help'
what these strange margin marks mean, nor why they are there, nor what the
hatched little boxes are.

Stefan Blom

I believe the text is in table cells. In this case, cutting the contents and
pasting as "Unformatted Text" would seem to be the easiest solution. If you
want more detailed instructions, please tell us your version of Word.

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