Formatting inconsistencies using the comma button



Hi --

All I want to do is consistently be able to sum up a column of numbers into
a cell and throw commas onto the summed number and still have it centered
like the rest of the column. I can get it to work sometimes -- but other
times -- after I use the comma button -- the sum number right-justifies
automatically and I can't center it. I can't see why one document will allow
me to center the comma'd number while the other won't. These are plain
numbers -- not monetary values.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dave O

On my version of Excel the comma button applies "Accounting" format to
the cell with commas and 2 decimal places. Can't explain why you're
not able to center a Comma-d cell, unless it's because the number is
too wide and when you center it, it does in fact center but makes no
apparent move within the cell because of its length.

~ Install a "Format Painter" button, pre-loaded with Excel but not
necessarily showing yet: you'd need to enable it. Then click the Sigma
button to add up a column, and use the format painter to format the
painter as other cells are formatted.
~ Click the column and format everything at once.
~ Create your own button to use instead of the comma button (this takes
some doing).


Hi Dave --

Thanks for the insight and suggestions. After tinkering a bit -- I saw that
-- yes -- the comma button does do the standard accounting format whereas if
you go into Format > Cells > Number Tab > Number selection in the toolbar and
then click on the "Use 1000 separator" box. When I do that -- I get my commas
with no change in justification. So -- I'm doing that for now. A little
ham-handed -- but it gets what I want done. When I have more time -- I'll do
something more effective like what you have suggested.

Thanks again!

Debra Dalgleish

The Accounting format that's applied with the Comma button includes a *
character, followed by a space. That adds space characters to the
format, to fill the column width, which is why you can't centre it.

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