Form for parameter query.



I have designed a form that will display a main form & subform in response to
a parameter entered by the user. I've designed a parameter query for that
purpose, and it works! (Thanks be to God!)

Now I'd like to tinker with it a bit more to get the following result: I'd
like to change the popup box the user uses to enter the parameter they wish
to see. The parameter may actually be one of 2 numbers. This is because the
place I work for has been transitioning from using one designation - a
4-digit number - to identify certain items, but now are beginning to use a
second designantion - an 8-digit number to identify them. Some items have
both designations, some have one, some have the other. So I'd like to have
the popup show 2 columns, one with the 4-digit number and the second with the
8-digit number.

Do I design a new form that will display this way?
If so, how do I get it to "link" to the form/subform based on the parameter

Obviously I'm out of my league!

I'd appreciate any help you can offer... as always. This board - and the
MVPs who monitor it so assiduously - has been a life-saver.

Allen Browne

Sue, it sounds like it might be time to take a deep breath, and spend a
little time learning how to dynamically filter a form.

Download the example database in this article:
Search form - Handle many optional criteria

It demonstrates how to offer several filter boxes to the user, and then
filter the form to show only the results that match the boxes where the user
entered something.

It's worth learing the technique. You can use it to offer lots of filter
options for your reports as well.
Oct 10, 2011
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I have used this filter form in my database. However there is one thing I need help with: I only want to show results from the last 4 years, without typing any start-end date in the form. Meaning I would have to construct something in vba, however I'm not too familiar with it.
The search form fetches from one table, containing various fields, including year.

Can anyone help me?

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