Form Blinks when data is updated



I have Parent form with 5 subforms. When I do an update of data the forms
blink and it annoys me. Ive tried requery, refresh, repaint in severl
different location in my code and nothing works. Is there a better way to
refresh your form data that I dont know about?

Basic update Example

set db = currentdb()
set rec = db.openrecordset("Table")
with rec
.Rec!Field = 1
end with



Allen Browne

The Requery at the end of your code causes the form to reload. As the form
reloads and moves to the first record, you will perceive this as "blinking."

You would turn Echo off (to suppress screen redraws.) However, you will have
to turn it on again at some point, and at that point it will blink as it

The solution may therefore be to edit or add the record to the
RecordsetClone of the form instead of directly to the table. Then you don't
need the Requery, and you don't have the blinking problem.

Like this:

With Me.RecordsetClone:
!Field1 = 1
End With

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