Force Outlook to keep replies with the original in secondary mailb


Sean Thompson

This is an annoyance that ive been researching for ages with no result. The
option "In folders other than the inbox, save replies with original message"
that is found in advanced email options does not appear to apply to a
secondary mailbox . I am trying to set up a project based email structure
within our company. Each employee will have their own primary inbox (exchange
box) and everything that goes along with it (calender etc.) but also a
secondary mailbox (exchange box) that is shared globally between everyone
working on the project. Within this mailbox is a file structure for people to
emails they may recieve in either mailbox's inbox. This all works fine...
the only
snag now is that if incoming mail that has been filed in that structure is
replied to from there, the reply is put into the persons PRIMARY mailboxes
sent items rather than staying within the file structure.

The only thing ive found as a workaround (A very messy one) is creating 2
outlook profiles, one with the primary box being their personal one, and the
other profile with primary box being the project one. When the project one is
the primary replies are saved in the right place...

Please feel free to ask for more info if any of this doesnt make sense. I'm
almost at my wits end. Is there some patch that can fix this issue? or
something im missing? Maybe a better way of doing this alltogether?!


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