Hi- I have a Word97 document with hundreds of footnotes.
The footnote numbers (both in the text and in the
footnote) are the same size font at the body of the text.
And, they are on line with the text. How do I get them in
a smaller font, and raised as a superscript? Thanks for
you help. Marty



Graham Mayor

The two will have styles attached - footnote text and footnote reference.
Set these style definitions to display as required.

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Suzanne S. Barnhill

As Graham says, the footnote references (the numbers) should be in Footnote
Reference style. This is formatted as Superscript by default. If the
references are not superscript, there are two possibilities: (1) the style
has been modified, in which case you can change it back to Superscript, and
(2) (unfortunately much more likely) the Footnote Reference character style
has been removed by selecting the footnotes (or the references) and pressing
Ctrl+Spacebar. If that's the case, you have little choice but to reapply the
Footnote Reference style to the numbers.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA
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all may benefit.

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