Footnotes will not copy and paste with text to a new document



I am using Word XP. I have created a Word text document with footnotes.
Now I am trying to move individual sentences to a new document by the cut
and paste method. Each sentence has a footnote attached.
The text cuts and pastes OK. BUT the footnotes numbers and the footnotes
themselves do not copy into the new document.
I have tried renaming the document. I have tried highlighting the whole
text. I have tried highlighting only the footnote numbers. I turned the
machine off and I thought I had fixed the problem but it is still there this

Suzanne S. Barnhill

If you have included the footnote reference marks in your selection, the
footnotes will come with the text. This may not be apparent from the
appearance of the selection on the screen, but when you paste the text into
a new document, in Print Layout view, you will see the footnotes. If you
have copied a selection that does not include footnote 1, then the footnotes
will be renumbered (starting at 1), but they will be there.

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