Football Coach Looking for Help (Access)

Mar 4, 2011
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Good morning, everyone. This is my first time here and I'm looking for some specific help with Access. I'm currently using Access 2003. I am something of a novice.

I am a football coach in North Carolina who is looking to create a database for computing scouting information on our opponents. In it's most general form, the information is things like "What plays do my opponent's run on 3rd down and 5?"

I'm looking to do a couple of very specific things, but I don't know how. To start with, each specific play my opponent runs should correspond to a scout team card. (I draw the plays up so our scout offense can run the plays at the starting defense.) To keep from duplicating the cards, I've given them specific names. When I review film, if my opponent runs a "Pro-I Right," (formation) "31 Trap" (terminology) I'll call that card "A." What I'd like is to set Access so any time it sees those two fields have the same information in it, it automatically populates the "Play Card" field with "Card A". If "Spread Gun Smash Right" is Card "B" then I'd like that to come up when I enter that information-- even if it's the fifth, eighteenth, and 26th plays I record.

What would be even greater is if once I put terminology in, it stays in a drop down menu. For example, I put "Pro-I Right" into the "formation" field. Next play I click the little down arrow and there is "Pro-I Right" ready for me to select.

It would be very useful if the database could remember which yard line the ball was on. For example, if the opponent has the ball on the their own 22 yard line. (Which would be "-22") and gains three yards, the database should automatically populate the yard line field with "-25". Once the ball crosses the 50 the numbers go positive: 49, 48, 47 etc.

I suppose this is actually three separate questions:

1) How do I key an individual field or set of fields to populate a third? (i.e.: "formation" and "Terminology" populate the field "Play Card" with a unique identifier.)

2) How do I set user identifiable drop down menus? (i.e.: You enter "Veer" into a field. Next record, "Veer" is in the drop down menu for you to select.)

3) How do I set the database to remember the previous record's ball ending location, from -1...-49...50...49...1?

I really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.


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