Fonts Problem fixed... ? But why?

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Francesco Gigante

Hello everyone,
I had some problem with fonts, because sometimes into my XPE I have
bold fonts in dialogs where I have normal fonts into a Windows XP Pro
SP2 installation.
I added many fonts, the Fonts application compatibility, the Code
Application Compatibility, any WMI, without successful.

Then I found a good solution changing the following registry key

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

with the same registry key kept from a normal windows xp pro sp2

My question are:
1) What is the component which set this registry key?
2) How is possible to have an XPE installation without fonts problem,
having the same behaviour as a normal XP Pro installation, with good
registry settings??

Best Regards,

Francesco Gigante



I might be wrong but if I remember correctly the FontSubstitutes key is part
of "Fonts: Font directory setup" component.

You can grab the FontSubstitutes content from XP Pro PC and include it in
your image (overwrite it with your own component or etc.)

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