Fonts ending in LET?


Christi Conley

I have recently downloaded some fonts that end in LET
and they aren't True Type fonts - I can't "see" them in
Word to use them, they do show up in the font list under
Windows (I have WinXP) -
Is there a way to get these LET fonts to work?
Can I change the fonts to True Type?

Thanks for your help!





Tom Ferguson

Do you refer to fonts such as Demian LET or Compacta LET, font names with
the letters LET at the end? If so, these are TrueType fonts from Letraset.
Letraset is an ole company since amalgamated into International Typeface
Corporation, ITC which even more recently was taken over by Agfa Monotype,
if I am not mistaken.

At any rate, if the fonts are not working, it could be that you do not have
a printer installed as "Default" under Control Panel Printers and faxes. If
there is none installed, install one even if there is no printer attached to
the computer. Almost any printer driver will do. Try one of the HP
LaserJets, for example.

Do check and let us know.


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