Font Size in all areas


Texas Heart

I'm trying to help the boss and I'm failing miserably. He just brought in a
new 24" monitor for his computer and we're all oohing and ahhhing over how
great everything looks - and then he opened up Outlook 2003. Ack! Everything
is way tiny - almost to the point of unreadable.
I typed in "size" in the help window, and then applied the View/Custom/Other
Settings/Font sizes and that worked great - Until he moved to a different
view. Do I have to go in and change the font size for every view? Goodness, I
hope not. His new messages, though large font in the inbox, when opened are
tiny font again; as are his tasks, calendar and inbox folders saved messages.
Is there any way to change the font size globally?
Please advise ...

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