Font Problem


John Baro

As the subject says, I have a font problem.
I have a richtextbox that gets the selectionfont from a combo box populated
from the InstalledFontCollection.
There are a number of fonts that the richtextbox will not update to
Amongst these are:
Raavi, Shruti and Tunga.
When I set the selectionfont to any of these fonts, unless I have 1 or more
characters selected, the font change has no effect and reverts back to the
previous font as soon as I type something in.
When I select a couple of characters and set the font to any of these, they
appear the same as Arial.

When I use a fontdialog there is a "script" combo which normally lists
"western"(Arial, Times etc..) or "symbol"(Symbol, Wingdings etc..).
When I select any of the above fonts, in the combo it lists "Other" as the

I would like to be able to not load these fonts into my font combo box but
can find no way to determine which fonts are which apart from hardcoding the
values to exclude.
It does not seem to be the GDICharset or the
lfCharSet from the LOGFONT structure.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.

John Baro

Forgot to mention that I have a working example that demonstrates exactly
what I am talking about if anyone is interested.
Will check tomorrow as its home time now :)

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