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I'm trying to create folders in Windows Mail similar to those I created in
Outlook Express. I can create the folders and enter contacts, but when I try
to Select Recipients (from the tools menu in a new message window) the
folders are not there. What I get is a long list of contacts with all the
contacts from the folders I have created in one list--the Contacts list. As
I have a great many email addresses, this is not at all desirable as there
are too many names to scroll down through to select recipients--often using
recipients from several folders for one message. Additionally, creating a
contact group only allows you to send a message to the entire group at the
same time--not to select some members of the group. Is there a way to create
and use folders as in Outlook Express? This new method is very cumbersome.

Gary VanderMolen

I think you will be happier with the way Contacts work in Windows Live Mail.
Incidentally, instead of invoking the contacts list through the Tools menu,
it is quicker to just click on 'To:' in the new message window.

With Windows Live Mail contacts, when you select a group, you can
expand that group (if desired) and omit selected members of that group
on-the-fly. In WM, the group is an all-or-nothing proposition.

Try WLM, you may like it:

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