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On the list of results, after a search for certain messages in OUtlook, the
list doesn´t show clearly -or at all- the folder location where the found
messages are located. I have many folders, and if I am seraching for a
message, when Outlook search finds it, I would like to know the source folder
where the message resides. Currently, the search results are placed on a
"Search Folders" Folder, with no indication of in what folder the message was

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I do have the "In Folder" flield in the view, but there are twp problems with

1) The In Folder field only shows the bottom "leaf" of the folder hierarchy.
I have a complex and long hierarchy, so it doesn´t help me much to locate
the source folder. I would like it to show the full path.

2) I do have the "In Folder" filed in the view, but it is only visible if I
go to "View" and turn off the "Read" panel, and then restore it, which is
cumbersome to say the least.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

1. Outlook never shows the folder path in search. You'll need to use windows
desktop search or other 3rd party search - most will include the full path.
This is one reason why we do not recommend using too many folders or deeply
nested folders.

2. You can create a view that includes the In folder field so it replaces
other fields in the view or group by the In folder.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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