Finding second data point on primary axis of two axis chart


Al Charbonneau


I am new to Excel 2007 (moved from Excel 2003). I have a chart with one
column on the primary axis and a line on the secondarry axis. I added a
second series of data on the primary axis and can't find it. This usued to
happend with my previous edition of Excel and was quickly remedied by putting
the cursor on the horizontal line until I found it. Is there another way to
find that second series of data?

Thanks in advance.

Al Charbonneau



Mike Middleton

Al Charbonneau _

Select a data series.

Use the up-down arrow keys to cycle through the major chart objects until
the appropriate data series is selected.

Or, use the left-right arrow keys to cycle through the major and minor chart
objects, including individual points of a data series.

- Mike

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