Finding MIN value in a column between Two Dates in different columns


ML Srini

Hope everybody is doing well. I am trying to find a solution to the
problem I am having for some time. I seem to have found half of the
solution from one of the threads and stuck finding the other half.

Here is what I have:

ColumnA ColumnB MIN MAX
Date1 Date2 ???? MAX(INDEX)
*(see below)

ColumnC ColumnD
Date1 value1
Date1a value1a
Date1b value1b
Date1c value1c
Date1d value1d
Date1e value1e
Date2 value2
Date3 value3
Date4 value4
Date5 value5

Problem: To find MIN and MAX value (Column D) between dates Date1 and
Date2 (Column A&B)
I have the solution for MAX from one of the threads. I am using,
=MAX(INDEX((A2<=$C$2:$C$7)*(B2>=$C$2:$C$7)*($D$1:$D$7),0)) which
the maximum of ColumnD between Date1 and Date2. (I am still trying to
understand how this works.)
But, if I use =MIN(INDEX((!$C$2:$C$7>=A2)*($C$2:$C$7<=B2)*($D$1:$D
0)) for MIN, I am getting 0 (there are no 0s or -ve numbers in
ColumnD). Does anybody know how I can resolve this?

I really appreciate help regarding this.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

T. Valko

Try this array formula** :


** array formulas need to be entered using the key combination of

T. Valko

You're welcome. Thanks for the feedback!

Microsoft Excel MVP


Thank you very much for your help. It worked!!!!

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