Good Day;

I have my data as such:

ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD ColumnE ColumnF ColumnG
Name Date1 Date2 Date3 Date4 Date5 Date6

I need to look at the first date columnB and determine if the date if older
than 14 days if so is there a date in columnC. If columnC has a date is it 14
days old yet, if so is there a date in ColumnD and rinse and repeat. I am
trying to track my contracts as they go out for signatures to different
departments and I do not want them to sit on anyones desk to long, hence the
14day timeframe. My goal is to return a message saying complete or "review".
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I think you want 3 results - Complete, Review (withing 14 days), and Late
(not complete > 14 days)

Here is the formula I used. Count will give the total of the number of
cells that have data in them. Six will indicate everything is filled. if
everything is not filled then all you have to do is compare todays date with
the date in B2. If B2 is less than 14 days from today it is in review and
greater than 14 it is late.


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