Finding Highlight



My idea is a kind of crazy. Hope someone has a solution or a macro.
I will be working on many documents which came from proofers with different
highlights for different edits. Something like, Initial capital for all
yellow highlighted words. Use comma after all green highlight. I need to
search all pages where the that highlight is and I probably miss because the
document has lots of pages and single character selected, if any. Likewise,
the edits differ from each highlight.

So now my idea is to use find and replace command, and to find that
particular highlight color so that I can perform changes, maybe atonce if
possible, if not I can correct manually but if the command selects that
color. Highlights will be given from the default colors only. So can we
create a macro for find or find and replace which finds the selected
highlight color?

I apologize for my crazy idea, but I had a hope as the expers are here





See Doug Robbins' reply in microsoft.public.word.vba.general.

Please don't post the same question multiple times in different newsgroups.

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