FIND (Ctrl-F) default settings



Is there a way to change default settings for FIND options?

I have a department that has numerous novice users and wants to change the
option for 'Match' from 'Whole Field' to 'Any Part of Field'.

Thanks for your trouble : )



Allen Browne

You can set these in the program options.

In Access 2007, click the Office button (top left), and Access Options
(bottom of dialog.) In earlier versions, go to:
Tools | Options | Edit/Find

Set Default Find/Replace Behavior to:
General Search

Allen Browne - Microsoft MVP. Perth, Western Australia

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Jerry Whittle


For Access 2003 and older, go to Tools, Options, Edit/Find tab and select
General search in the Default find/replace behavior box.

For A07 go to the Office button, Access Options button near the lower right,
Advanced button, Default find/replace behavior, and click on General search.

You can set this in code with the following in the Open event of the startup
form for that database. I haven't tried this in A07 but it works in other
versions as far back as A97.

' Put in the Open event of the startup form
' Set Default Find/Replace Behavior to General Search
Application.SetOption "Default Find/Replace Behavior", 1

NOTE: The General setting not only seaches any part of the field, but also
searches all fields. Therefore it might not give the results you expect and
can be quite slow if there are a lot of records with a lot of fields.


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