Financial Year Query




Wonder if anyone could help me with a report I’m trying to build.

It's basically for annual leave to allow users to lookup individual employee
annual leave reports from previous financial years. At present the database
has an Entitlement table with fields for Standard, Carry Over and Long
Service along with a date field called Year Start. I got a query totalling
these up for each financial year using the year start field.

I also have a table called Leave which documents all occurrences leave date,
return date and hours missed.

What I’m trying to do is create a report which will prompt users to enter
the required financial year then I want to display all occurrences for that
year along with entitlement for the same year.

At present everything is defaulted to current financial year using Between
And statements in the query window. This probably gives an indication of my
Access skills!!

Not sure if that makes any sense but could really do with some help.



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