Filtering on Linked Tables



Hi, I am experimenting with using MS Access 2007 as a front end to a MySQL
database. I want the DB to be able to be seen over the internet, hence the
use of MySQL but I want the handy filtering features for users which MS
Access provides.

I'm noticing a difference with filtering behaviour depending on whether the
table is in the current MS Access DB or a linked one in MySQL.

If you have a table (or a form in datasheet view) you can left click at the
top of the column where the arrow is and it will drop down with a list of
filters available depending on the data type of the field. So if you click
on a date field you get all the date filters.

Now normally you also get a list of specific values. So that you can check
and uncheck specific values or choose "Select All". But I don't get these
specific values check boxes with the linked tables. Or forms based on the
linked tables.

Is this correct behaviour? Or am I seeing something strange? My users would
like to use all of the filtering facilities available and they do use the
specific values check boxes.

Any help appreciated.



Oops, I just saw that I have posted the same thing twice (I was getting error
messages saying the post failed etc.). Moderators, remove this thread if you

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