Filtering failed moving on...HELP


Jane Doe

Ok filtering didn't work. I have multiple spreadsheets and multiple columns
(see column labels below)

I am trying to pull data based on Grade Level for child based on
each family listing pulled from 3 resources (worksheets) and list (or group)
by Grade Level in another worksheet.

I tried to filter the columns but when I do it will only give me one column
at a time in each worksheet. When I pull from the list, say I want all 6th
graders it will only give me those in the 3rd column but not column 1 and 2
or 4. Where some families have more than one child the 6th grader could be
any of the 4 columns.

The maximum number of column in any one spreadsheet is 11. The columns are
labeled : First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, columns
7-10 list grade for each household child "Child1" = k, Child2=pre-k,
Child3=6, Child 4=5 (only goes up to 4 children and no grade greater than 8),
column 11 is email address.

Listing all information in another worksheet pulling from all sources (3
worksheets in same workbook) is fine. I would want to group by grade of
course. Could do sheet for each grade, if needed? Will probably begin sorting
alphabetical, but may need to change that later. First priority is to list
row information by grade. I'm aware that some households will appear in more
than one grade group, as they have more than one child...Respectively there
will be blank cells.

Hope this makes since.
Thank you for your help...greatly appreciated!

Jane Doe

Thank you Otto, I thought I lost you to some other lost soul :)

I got the response this morning and sent you an email.

Your the greatest!

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