filter within a filter



Is there any way to run more than one filter from the drop down menu? I have
a large pivot table and am trying to create a filter, or set of filters to
help narrow down to more specific information for easy maneuvering in
presentations and help in general. As of now, when I create multiple
filters, it will only use one of the filters. Example, it will only narow my
entire pivot table by one selected field. I would love if there was a way
that I am missing that would allow me to do something like this. Have the
filters land use, (retail, office) and company, (A,B). I use the land filter
and select office. When i click on the company filter I would like to be
left with just the list of companies who own office properties. I hope that
made sense and thank you in advance




Why not use the same field more than once in the same pivot field? Filter
one, then use the same other field for further filteration!

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