Fill series not working as expected



I have inherited an Excel spreadsheet from another colleague who is away on
maternity leave. The sheet is relatively simple, although extensive. It is
not set up the way I would have done it so I have added barriers in trying to
work my head around someone else's way of working. In one particular sheet
there is base data copied from the main sheet - consists of 30 columns of
data. For some reason, the formulas relating to this data (of which there
are three, in columns AE, AF and AG) start in row 13 and end a dozen rows
before the end of the data. Ordinarily I would just fill series in both
directions to fill the gaps but the Fill Series option is the only one greyed
out and the formula's just keep on copying themselves. These are very simple
S2-R2 formulas and the sheet is not password protected. The cells are
locked. Have never had this problem before - please help!



Dave O

Hi, Lauren,
Is it possible your sheet is not *password* protected, but that it
*is* protected? Excel allows you to protect a sheet without a
password, which would cause the Fill Series to grey out. Test for this
by clicking on the Excel menu >Tools >Protection and see if your next
option is to Protect or Unprotect the sheet.

Dave O
Eschew obfuscation

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