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I am trying to use a list I created of employees in a drop down box on a
different worksheet but can't seem to get it to work.

The worksheet my drop down is on is: Schedule
I want it in D9 and make it visible only when it's clicked on. When another
cell is clicked, I want the drop down to disappear but the text to remain.

The worksheet my list is on is: Data
The first cell has a header Employee C1
The list ranges from C2:C16

How do I get the list from Data worksheet to feed the drop down in Schedule?

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!!!



John C

Unless you want to house your lists on the active worksheet, you will need to
name your list. Go to your menu Insert|Name|Define.
The variable name I chose is EmpList
This refers to: =Data!$C$2:$C$16

Then, in your cell on Schedule, instead of choosing List and
=Data!$C$2:$C$16, you would choose, List and =EmpList.

Hope this helps.


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