Fill down function not working correctly and producing weird resul



Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help me. I am using Excel 2003 and trying to insert a couple
of simple formulas that I use continuously in spreadsheets. But I am not able
to successfully fill the formulas down. When I do, I just get the result of
the first line where the formula appears. So, for example, if I sum column A1
and B1, and then fill the formula, the next row's result should be the sum of
column A2 and B2, if that makes sense. Instead, I am getting the result of
summing A1 and B1 carried all the way down the column. However, when I look
at the formula each line appears correctly ie. "=SUM(A1:B1)", then
"=SUM(A2:B2)", then "=SUM(A3:B3)", however I continue getting the result of

The weird thing is that if I then double click individually on each cell,
and hit enter, the result updates and I get the correct result. And this
would be an OK solution, except I have around 10,000 lines of data to use
formulas on!

This has only started happening today and I have tried shutting down my PC,
trying out different work sheets, dumping data into notepad and then
re-pasting it into Excel to ensure there's no funny stuff happening...all to
no avail.

Any advice would be hugely, massively appreciated!!!!!


Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I knew there must be something that an Excel
guru could suggest. It's now working!!! Hurrah!

Gord Dibben

Tools>Options>Calculation. Set to "Automatic.

Tools>Options>Calculation can be Auto or Manual.

Excel takes the Calculation mode each session from the settings on the first
workbook opened in that session.

i.e. If you saved Book1 with calc mode in manual and opened it first, calc
mode would be in Manual.

If you saved Book2 with calc mode in auto and opened it after Book1, Book2
would be in manual mode(Excel ignores the auto calc mode in this case).

If you close Book1 before opening Book2, Book2 will be in auto calc mode.

Confusing enough? <g>

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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