Files in Documents Disappearing!



I have had Vista Home Premium for about 2 months. All of a sudden, files in
Documents are disappearing.

I told Vista to show hidden files, even though none of these were hidden.
No change.

The files still exist. I can open a local web with Expression Web link,
work on it, save it and open it again. But it does not show in Documents.

Nothing shows up in search results either. It is as though the documents
are no longer addressable, but they are - just can't see them.

I am talking about probably 80 top level folders and thousands of individual

I need help and fast!


I have the same problem with files 'disappearing' in folders in Vista
Ultimate. The files exist, for example, the FTP client (Filezilla) sees all
files. Search also does not seem to find it.

Is there a fix for this problem?

Thanks, IHH


I have fixed the problem, though not the cause.

After wasting a lot of time doing different things, I finally, for some
strange reason, decided to look at the VIews function while staring at my
ever-shrinking list of files. I cannot recall the exact sequence, but
basically I just messed around with the various options, and then went back
to List and all of a sudden, the files began to come back into view.

Yes, fans, Vista is truly weird.

Hope this works for others out there in the land of the confused.

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