file wont completely delete from my computer



i deleted some files from a folder to the recycle bin. it let me empty them
out of the recyle bin too. they are still showing if i do a search for them.
i won't let me completely delete them. i can't find any other program they
running in to prevent me from completely deleting them. i don't know what i
can do. any suggestions???
its just stuff downloaded off the web nothing licensed!

Ronnie Vernon MVP


They may still show up in a 'search' because the search 'index' hasn't had
time to refresh and remove those files from the list.

R. C. White

Hi, Jim.

Keep reading. I think you'll see that most users with "similar problems" do
get them fixed within a day or two. Usually the fix is simple (just restart
and the deleted items are gone; or give the Index service a day or two
(working in the background so as to not interfere with more-important "live"
use of the computer) to catch up with what has been done). Sometimes the OP
(original poster) posts back, sheepishly reporting the problem resolution,
but often we never hear from the OP again, presumably because the problem
has been fixed or it fixed itself.

If you are still having this problem, please post back and tell us, step by
step, HOW you are trying to empty your Deleted Items and Junk e-mail
folders, and exactly what error messages or other results you see. "I tried
everything" doesn't tell us much; neither does "I tried the usual way"; and
"It doesn't work" doesn't help us help you, either.

One change from OE/WM that catches some users by surprise is the behavior of
the Reading Pane (formerly called the Preview Pane). It no longer shows the
contents of messages in the Junk folder. To delete these messages, we must
press the Delete key; if we are curious (and brave) enough, we can Open the
message first to verify that it is Junk, and then Delete it. (My standard
practice is to view the list of Junk messages, then press Ctrl+A to select
them all, then Ctrl+Q to mark them all Read (so that my Deleted Items folder
will not show in boldface), and then press the Del key to delete them all.

Also, I have Tools | Options | Advanced | Maintenance set to Empty messages
from the "Deleted Items" folder on exit.

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64)


Many WM problems are caused by Norton. If you have it uninstall it and use
either AVG or Avast which are both free anti-virus programs.

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