File upload to Access database



Hi all,

I am new to access and I face the following "issue":
I would like to create a database, to which users can upload files
(=pdf, doc, xls...).
The files shall be stored locally on a server.
The database needs to be accessed via Access form (no html, asp,...) as
we don't have an internal web server running.
I would like to create a form that allows the user to browse his local
harddrive, select the file and upload it directly either to the
database or any other place on the server (which would be predefined by
the database admin).
Searching, browsing and retrieving of the files uploaded would complete
this nice database.

I use MS Access 2003 (and all of the users likewise).

Could anyone of you please share some insights with me on how to cope
with that?

Responses are greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!


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