File transfer problem(s)



Have new pc with XP Home. Trying to transfer files from old Win98SE. Says
must use serial cable. Purchased combination serial/parallel cable.
Attached to both pc's. XP's wizard says to make copy of wizard to use in '98,
but will only access drives F,G,H and I for copying. Finally found wizard in
hard drive of XP; copied it on CD (I DO NOT have a 3-1/2" floppy drive), put
it in '98. '98 says a DLL or LOG file is missing. All help greatly
appreciated. Jim H..

R. C. White

Hi, Jim.

It might be easier to simply open both computers' cases and physically move
your old HD to new PC temporarily. Check jumpers (master to slave?) and IDE
cable and BIOS to be sure that the old drive is properly recognized by the
new PC. Then boot into WinXP and run Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc at the
Run prompt). Disk Management will assign "drive" letters to the volumes on
your old HD. You can reassign these letters, but it's OK to just use the
defaults, because this is only temporary, long enough to copy the files to
your new HD.

Then use any good copy command or program to copy everything you want from
old to new. I like good old Xcopy in a "DOS" window in WinXP. This command
ought to do it, copying ALL the files in a volume, where X: is the source
volume and F: is the destination:

xcopy x:\ f:\ /c /h /e /r /k

For a mini-Help file showing all the switches and parameters available with
Xcopy (or any other command in the "DOS" window), just type the command
followed by /?, like this: xcopy /?

After the copy is complete, simply reset the jumpers and cables and put the
old HD back in the old PC. All done! ;<)


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