File Share Issues With 32 bit and 64 bit Vista



Hi all,
Hope somebody can help here.

I have set up my wireless network consisting of 2 Computers (desktop &

Internet connection sharing is fine but cannot get file file sharing
working. Have tried all the usual avenues and even paid iyogi for tech
support, but they inform me that the reason it' because i'm running one 32
bit o/s and the other on a 64 bit o/s.

I struggle to believe you can't file share between the two?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Bill Sanderson

Your problem is definitely not 32 bit versus 64 bit--you should get your
money back.

What have you tried? Is the workgroup name set the same on both machines?

Aside from 32 bit and 64 bit--what versions of Vista are involved?

Bill Sanderson

One other question--you mention Internet Connection sharing: Can you
describe the network? I would expect ICS to be unusual these days-broadband
users usually have a router.

Describe the Internet connection and the hardware involved?

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