File permissions



Is there a way to force XP Pro to change the permissions on files that are
moved into a folder as they are copied/moved?

I have a temp folder where I place photos to be sorted. Once I've selected
the ones I want I move them into a folder shared within the workgroup, but
the files keep the permissions of the original sorting photo. Short of
changing the permissions on my sort folder can I tell XP that all files in
the shared folder are to grant access to the others in the workgroup?




Miha Pihler [MVP]


How file permissions are handled depends on:
- are you copying files from one location to another
- are you moving files from one location to another

- is this operation (copy or move) done on the same volume (partition) or
between two volumes.

Here is an article that explains this in depth and suggests some
configuration changes.

How permissions are handled when you copy and move files and folders;en-us;310316

I hope it helps you out,


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