File format needed for DVD



I've captured my video in AVI format - best quality I believe.

In MM2 I have edited my movie and now I want to burn it in the best possible
quality on a DVD, so I can play it on my DVD player hooked up to my TV.

I have Sonic MyDVD for my DVD writer.

What format do I need to save in MM2 first ?

Then in MyDVD how do I burn this DVD ?

Am I right that the best NTSC quality will not play great on a PC monitor ?

Many thanks.



Save as DV_AVI if you have the space, (they are big) or as 2.1Mbit Windows
Media if you do not.

In MyDVD you import the file and then burn, not much to it unless you mess
around with the visuals, even then - not much to it.


Hi There,

One tip for you (from my experience) is to use the "+R"
type DVD (vs the "+RW" type DVD), since more TV-DVD
players will likely be able to play this format. My take
is that the newer TV-DVD players will likely play both,
but the older ones are more likely to play only the "+R"
type -- regardless of the cost of the unit.


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