MM2 can't import mpg or see camcorder



I'm trying a new Sony Handycam. When I try to import from the camera to mm2
it says that a video device is not connected although it is. I'm using a USB
cable for the connection. I can copy the files to the computer using the
software that came with the camera but then when I try to import them to mm2
(mpg format) the program crashes. I've tried changing the settings in tools
and after deselecting the Cyberlink options I now get the error: My
Documents\My Pictures\Chasie Movies\2006_12 Christmas 3.mpg could not be
imported. Unspecified error.

I'm new to video and unfamiliar with codecs. I need help before I decide to
spend $50 to upgrade Sonic MYDVD. I don't see any benefits of using mm2 if I
have to use a program to copy from cam to comp, then another to conver tthe
files from mpg to avi, then mm2 to make the movie, then mydvd to burn the dvd.

Please help!


if your camcorder is a mini-DV or digital8 model, then using a firewire
connection would work fine with Movie Maker.

if your camcorder is a DVD or Hard Drive model, then the MPEG-2 files it
records need conversion before using them in Movie Maker.... you might want
to consider using Adobe's Premiere Elements instead of Movie Maker.

the benefits of Movie Maker make the conversions the right path for myself
and many others... conversions are quick and easy

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