file boot.ini is missing



The virus protection software reported that there're some infected files in
my computer. So I deleted those files. After that everytime I turn on the
computer, the windows reads "Windows Script Host: Can not find script file
"C:\WINDOWNS\boot.ini" pop up. Please help me how to restore or get that file
back. Or is there anyway to stop the warning to come up everytime?

Thank you.




There is no Boot.ini file in the C:\windows directory. There must be an
orphaned start-up entry referring to the c:\windows\boot.ini causing the
Windows Script Host error. To remove the orphaned entry use Microsoft

Download Autoruns from Microsoft to your Desktop.

Extract the Autoruns Zip file contents to a folder. Double-click
"Autoruns.exe". Click on the "Everything" tab. Remove any entries that
mention "File Not Found" by right-clicking the entry to select Delete.

Also you may want to scan your computer for a second opinion using some web
based virus scanners.

TrendMicro's Housecall

Kaspersky Web-based Virus Scanner

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