FBWF filter changing network settings




I`m using the FBWF filter component in my xpe image.

Which will be the easierst solution changing the network settings (ip,
gateway, subnet and so on), which will be visible after a reboot?

best regards


Some more information: we`re using a CF card for the whole xpe image
as well as all other information. There`s no graceful shutdown (the
user have to unplug the cable to "shutdown" the device) so that
registry filters won`t work, because they will only work with a
graceful shutdown and reboot...

Are there any options to write a script which will load some values to
the registry at windows xpe boot-up? This must be done before windows
will start tcpip.sys...

If my software will load these values to the registry, the computer
will for example search for a dhcp server during the O/S boot time
(because no ip-settings will be available in the registry) and when my
software starts it will get a suitable static ip addr... but that`s
not really nice...

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